Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grey Ghost's Picks for Week 5

After Week 4, the Grey Ghost finally moved above .500 for the season. For Week 5, I'm introducing another feature called the Master Lock picks of the week. Onto the always ghostly predictions in bold.

Master Lock Picks of the Week:

Philly at Buffalo (+3)
This is a must win for Philly. Even though the Buffalo crowd will be rockin, Philly has to right the ship here. On the other hand, a Philly free fall may finally end the Andy Reid era.

Fantasy: If Frank Gore had a stellar week last week, Fred Jackson may find similar success.

San Diego at Denver (+4)
I think this line is entirely too low. I know the game is in Denver, but San Diego should murder the Broncos.

Fantasy: This game should be an indicator of who will win the bulk of the carries the rest of the year for Denver. Keep an eye on it for the future.

Arizona at Minnesota (-3)
Another must win game. Minnesota has looked both pretty good and pretty bad in being 0-4. I like Minnesota to get their first W of the season.

Fantasy: How long is AD going to be under-utilized this year? Are they saving him for the Toilet Bowl championship this year?

The remaining slate of games:

Kansas City at Indy (-2)
This might be the Toilet Bowl championship. Does either team want to win this and risk the Andrew Luck lottery? I think Indy plays with pride today and pulls one out.

Fantasy: A rare game where Colts players might have some value.

Seattle at NY Giants (-10)
Line is just too high. Seattle is a bad road team, but I can't lay that many points.

Fantasy: Hakeem Nicks, Hakeem Nicks.

Tennessee at Pittsburgh (-4)
Pittsburgh in a small hole early. They can't afford to lose this game.

Fantasy: Tennessee's defense has been better than expected. I don't like a lot of points in this game.

New Orleans at Carolina (+7)
The Saints should be able to pressure Cam Newton enough to make this a blowout.

Fantasy: I see this having the potential for a blowout with a lot of points.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville (+2)
This one would be on the opposite end of the Master Lock spectrum. I really don't have a feel for either on these teams. I'd usually take the points and home team, but the Bengals should be better than the Jags.

Fantasy: No comment, I have no idea.

Oakland at Houston (-5)
In honor of Al Davis, I'll be wearing a white track suit all day. I think the Raiders play hard today and compete. Arian Foster getting healthy does worry my though, he might be the difference maker.

Fantasy: Look for Schaub to struggle until they get healthy. If Arian can take the load off of him, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco (-3)
I believe in Josh Freeman and I hope you will too.

Fantasy: As a mildly concerned Frank Gore owner, let's hope last week wasn't an abberration.

NY Jets at New England (-8)
I really think the Jets have regressed this year. Offensively, they can't do anything, but NE's defense is mediocre. I like New England at home.

Fantasy: The Grey Ghost is playing Mr. Saathoff this week. Jeff is benching Tom Brady in favor of Cam Newton. Here's hoping Brady has a great game on Jeff's bench.

Green Bay at Atlanta (+6)
Atlanta is a different team at home. I like Green Bay to win, but closer than the six.

Fantasy: How frustrating is the Packers' backfield? Is Starks the guy or is Grant? It sure would be nice if McCarthy would let us know.

Chicago at Detroit (-6)
I can't think rationally about the Bears. Plus I said I would keep picking the Lions until they disappoint.

Fantasy: I think the Lions come back to earth statistically in this game. I do like Matt Forte to continue his hot streak.

Season Record: 24-23-1

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