Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Part Piece - Stirring Jay Cutler Victories as a Bear & the State of Quarterbacks in the NFL

Franchise Quarterbacks, hard to find.  Many of them build their legacy on games that you can't get out of your minds for decades.  Dan Fouts against the Dolphins in the playoffs, Elway's "The Drive", Montana's "The Catch", etc. etc.   So I thought I'd devote the first part of this column to the couple of games that stand out in my mind as a Bears fan where I worship the fact we have Jay Cutler. 

Ok - on to Part Two of the column...

Comparing Jay Cutler to other QB's in the league.  Remember, the Bears gave up two first round draft picks to get him and signed him to big paper 3 games into his Bears career.  So let's see how he compares to the other starters in the league.  For comparison purposes, I'll use the following scoring:

Above - Rather have Cutler than this guy
Below - Rather have the other guy than Cutler
Equal - About equal to Cutler

Tom Brady - Below, plus Brady's wife is hot.

Mark Sanchez - Above - Sanchez might be on the cover of GQ, but he pretty much looks like a scared kid out there

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Equal, though trending towards below.  Need to see more of Fitzpatrick but his teammates love him

Chad Henne - Above (this goes for any other pablum that the Dolphins run out under the position of QB)

Joe Flacco - Equal.  Flacco can look awfully bad at times

Ben Roethlisberger - Below, though trending to equal.  All of those Super Bowl rings and appearances are a differentiator, even those Big Ben is a pud off the field.

Andy Dalton - Above (for now).  Dalton doesn't have enough history yet

Colt McCoy - This is a close one.  I'll go above for right now, might get some debate on this one.

Peyton Manning - Below - Enough said

Matt Schaub - Below.  Schaub has had big games, bigger than most of Cutler's that I can remember.  Of course he has Andre Johnson to throw to

Matt Hasselback - Above.  A younger Hasselback might get you some argument, and his leadership skills are probably better but not enough to tip the scales.

Blaine Gabbert - He's the Jacksonville QB in case you didn't know.  Above

Jason Campbell - Above - How this guy is still a starter remains a mystery to me

Kyle Orton - Whew, somedays I long for Orton, but not that much.  Above

Phillip Rivers - Below.  Would love to have Rivers and his fire on our side of the field.

Matt Cassell - Above.  Not sure on this, but gut tells me he's a tick better.

So let's tally up the AFC

Above = 8
Equal = 3
Below = 5


Michael Vick = Tough one, this isn't fantasy football, so I'm going to say Equal

Tony Romo = Romo is almost equivalent, I think he has more touch, but gives up the big turnover.  I say Equal

Rex Grossman - I've seen that show before, somedays though, yearn for a little Sexy Rexy.  Above

Eli Manning - Not a huge Eli fan, but he does have a Super Bowl Ring = Below

Aaron Rodgers - Not even close - Below

Matthew Stafford - Kid has memorable games, leads the team back.  Below

Donovan McNabb - Give it up Donovan - Above

Alex Smith - A touch Above

Sam Bradford - Have the Rams scored this year?  Above

Tavaris Jackson - See Jason Campbell.  Above

Kevin Kolb - Not enough book out on him yet, early returns I would say are Equal

Drew Brees - Below, on a number of different fronts

Matt Ryan - Kid isn't as good as he has been billed. Equal

Josh Freeman - If I was starting a team, I take Freeman, think the kid has more intangibles.  Below

Cam Newton - 4 games into his career, I take Newton.

Recapping the NFC

Above = 5
Equal = 4
Below = 6


Above 13
Equal 7
Below 11

So that puts Cutler at the 12-18 range in terms of QBs in the NFL in my opinion

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