Friday, October 7, 2011

Meaningful Baseball in October - Odd to a Cub Fan

So I was a lucky recipient of a ticket to a playoff game this week in Arizona (thanks Dave).  I didn't have a rooting interest in either team, but was happy to go regardless.

It was quite the experience.  Seeing the fans chanting before the game, the sea of red shirts for the hometown team.  Fans cheering, moaning, and cursing at each close pitch even in the early innings.  The passion and emotion when the Brewers went down each inning and the volcanic explosion when the Diamondbacks answered an intentional walk with a Grand Slam. 

So why can't my team do this?  It's been almost 10 years since my beloved team has won a playoff game.  In that time the Chicago Cubs have spent

800 million to 1.1 billon dollars on failure

Not only that, the team in many years has fallen to the bottom of the manure pile so quickly that the average fan loses interest in mid-May.  The past two years the Cubs have spent almost $270 million dollars to be eliminated by June.

I was glad to go to the game, it got my baseball fever energized again.  I found myself glued to the Yankees and Tigers last night, and eager to see who wins the other game 5s today. 

I hope someday my kids can experience meaningful October baseball as well.

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