Friday, October 7, 2011

Lions Revenge will be Brutal on the Bears

Jay Cutler on Monday Night

So the Lions and Bears meet on Monday Night Football.  The first time the Lions have been on MNF in 9 or 10 years. 

The Bears are coming off a mixed bag win over Carolina.  They ran the ball well against a weak Carolina defense, but only passed for 100 yards.  The Bears defense is ranked 31st in the NFL in yards given up and goes against a red hot Lions team with Calvin Johnson.

This has all the makings of a MAJOR blowout. 

The Bears won't be able to handle Detroits defensive line and the Bears have no cornback who can come close holding Calvin Johnson in check.  Jay Cutler appears to be morphing into a Houston Texans version of David Carr, shell shocked, getting the ball out too early.

For the Bears to have any chance, I believe they must blitz, blitz again, and then bliz some more.  They have to get Matthew Stafford out of the game.  The Lions also have Pettigrew at Tight End and the Bears have given up a ton of yards to TE's. 

On offense, Johnny Know has to have 100+ yards and Matt Forte will again be called upon to rack up 150+ yards of total offense.

I don't see it happening Bears fans.  I see a blowout

Lions 42 - Chicago 17

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Anonymous said...

I think you're being too kind with giving the Bears 17 points. I'm guessing it'll be 35-10 Lions. I'm picturing a few penalties on the Bears defense (mainly Peanuthead Tillman) for pass interference as well as a couple unsportsmanlike conduct after the score starts to get out of hand in the 2nd quarter. Cutler will probably be on his back 5-6 times and I'm guessing he may end up coming out of the game in the third quarter. Our only hope, as you stated is getting to Stafford and knocking him out of the game early.